All services provided by this website may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions provided below. By using our services you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

Artist Print Studio reserves the right to make modifications and changes to these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Up to date terms and conditions will always be available at

Terms & Conditions

The placing of an order with Artist Print Studio creates a contract on the basis of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply equally to all orders given, irrespective of method. It is the responsibility of the user of our services to be aware of our terms and conditions.

Nothing in this agreement will affect any consumer’s statutory rights.

We reserve the right to send special offers and newsletters to account holders email addresses, with an instant unsubscribe option available.

Placing An Order

The placing of an order online, via email, in person or by phone constitutes acceptance of prices shown on our website and you will be held liable for the full order value.

As all of our prints are made to order, in the event that you wish to cancel or amend an order please contact us within 24 hours. If you fail to do so and work has commenced on your order we will not offer any monetary compensation and you will be held liable for payment in full.

Whilst we make every effort to identify obvious errors on orders submitted to us all information contained within your order submission must be accurate and exact and we will not accept liability for missed or inaccurate information resulting in a final print product, which does not meet your satisfaction. In this instance provided Artist Print Studio have executed your order, as per your order instructions you will be held liable for payment in full.

All sizes quotes are nominal and Arist Print Studio shall accept no liability for minor variations in size as a result of inadequate preparation of files. All orders are finished by hand and because of this we allow a tolerance of 2mm in each direction.


Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to you, the creator of an original image or artwork. Copyright includes the right for you to print, copy, distribute and adapt your work. So when you create an image or an artwork then copyright automatically exists in that work and it belongs to you. Images are protected for the lifetime of the creator, e.g. the artist or photographer, and for 70 years after his or her death.

Using the image upload tool and fine art printing services means agreeing to the terms outlined below:

  • By uploading or saving a design you have the full rights to use that image or artwork.
  • You hold the rights to commercially reproduce this image or artwork.
  • You understand that infringement of copyright is illegal. If you have any doubt as to the legal ownership of a design you should check with the rightful owner that you are able to use the design before uploading.
  • You understand that Artist Print Studio act under your instructions and is not obligated in any way to check or confirm the legal use of reproducing any image or artwork.
  • You agree to indemnify Artist Print Studio against all costs, claims and demands made as a result of any copyright infringement.

Images aren’t free to use just because they’re online – you need to get permission to use them. Infringement of copyright may result in monetary damages, lawsuits, costly legal fees and under some circumstances, criminal charges.

Files Uploaded

Digital images may be uploaded to the website and via email, images submitted in formats not specified by our service may not be accepted and this may result in your order being rejected or delayed without written warning.

Whilst users images are stored after printing we accept no liability for their loss and as such you are advised to maintain suitable back-ups of all materials and files.